About Jainy Shah

Jainy Shah

Jainy Shah

Founder, Wealth Prime – Mumbai
MBA, CFPCM, Insurance Broker

Jainy, a management graduate in Finance and a Certified Financial Planner (CFPCM) who happily calls herself a ‘mompreneur’; as she shuffles between raising her children and her brainchild – Wealth Prime.

She kick-started with an opportunity to help a family member with their financial situation and to hand-hold them with investment solutions and portfolio jig-jag. She loved her work and not only was she a natural at it coming from a Stock Broking family, but she also thrived! The encouragement from family members lead to stupendous references and that is how – Jainy’s passion project turned into a life passion.

Since the niche of wealth management is pretty exploited – there always has been a dearth of honest advisors for family offices and money management for HNIs (High Networth Individuals). As she reads on carving a niche for Wealth Prime exclusively – Jainy picked the clientele very carefully – for two reasons:

  1. Her expertise and experience of 14+ years in working extensively with family offices and HNIs who understand the significance of Structured Investments.
  2. The strategic call to manage the portfolio of each client personally by Jainy Shah, team Wealth Prime decided to add not more than 4-6 clients per year and the supporting staff focused on executing the investment ideas.

Jainy Shah believes that wealth management and prosperity enhancement is the best job in the world – because it is exhilarating to work with people and to help their money grow at its best.

Jainy believes in and follows a holistic approach to money. Educating and empowering her clients through wealth orientation, her investment advice is simple, client-oriented and far away from market trends. That is why she pursues it with norms streamlined for Certified Financial Planners.

Since she is primarily dealing with business owners and professionals, she works closely with her clients to build solid relationships based on trust, honesty, and transparency.

Apart from Wealth Prime, her good life includes a loving family comprising of a husband and two kids. She enjoys books, socializing and traveling.