Alternate Investments

Alternate Investments

The only rule of ruling the investment chart – diversification. And diversifying not through simple equities, bond or mutual funds – it’s a bit more diversified and exclusive. How do we achieve this for you? Through Alternative Investments.

Private Equity: They refer to funds that institutional investors or high net worth investors directly place in private companies or in the process of buyout of public companies. Companies then utilize the fund for their organic and inorganic growth including expanding their footprint, increasing the marketing operations, technological advancement or making strategic acquisitions.

Hedge Funds: It is an alternative investment vehicle, which only caters to investors with ultra-deep pockets. They are not regulated as Mutual Funds and hence have the flexibility to invest in a broader range of securities.

Real assets: Investing in real assets like precious metals (gold, silver, etc.) or natural resources have been around for long and prove to be fruitful for long term investments. Investors can invest in gold through gold coins, or indirectly through sector traded funds or exchange-traded funds.

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