family office in india

Wealth Management for Family Office in India: Your complete guide

Is it about a single family working together? Or is it about a family operating a small business? Or a family trying to set up an office for this and several generations to come? For those who don’t use this term often, all the above guesses could well fit the definition of the family office. But for those who are accustomed with the finance world, they know the definition has a broader meaning. A family office is an office [...]

Life Planning

Life Planning – A must have holistic approach to your Happiness!

A friend I met recently enquired how I manage to travel often. Being in the financial advisory profession for over 15 years, I replied, “I have planned for myself and my family”. To that she replied, “Oh, I never thought my passion to travel can also be planned?”.  Every individual can and must plan their financial lives no matter how much money they have. For many, “Financial planning” must be done carefully to enjoy life while meeting their obligations.  For the [...]

Best Practices for Non-Profit Organisations

Best Practices for Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations have a set of the different mission than what profit enterprises do. Their mission primarily focuses on activities that benefit society at large and their goal is not primarily for profit. Having said that organizations of any sort must have the right management team and business practices in place to function and meet their goals. And for nonprofits, the commitment to maintain a steady, robust income stream, to develop and implement sound investment strategies, and pay daily [...]

Imbibe Money Lessons in Kids

Imbibe Money Lessons in Kids

“What we instill in our children will be the foundation upon which they build their future” – Steve Maraboli Parents always wish the best for their children. And be it through valuable lessons or education, parents go out of their way to make sure their children grow up to be responsible and successful individual above everything else. Life lessons, skills, awareness and education are important factors that help in shaping children’s personality while they pursue them from the very beginning [...]

Insurance companies of India

How to discover the Best Insurance policy for you & your loved ones?

Life Insurance: An Introduction Life Insurance is defined as an agreement between the applicant and an insurance company, where the latter offers a guarantee that in case of the borrower’s death or after the end of the policy term, it shall pay the insured sum. This category of investment is quite beneficial as it offers safety to the individual’s family even after he/she is gone. Currently, there are 24 life insurance companies in India, with each offering multiple product line-ups as [...]

Children Financial Planning

Children Financial Planning

What more joyous occasion can there be for a couple than the arrival of their child? After all, the birth of the newborn is one of the most important events and the turning point in one’s life. Besides the excitement of the new addition to the family, it brings maturity and responsibility to the parents. In fact, the child becomes the center of the family and the child’s well-being becomes the family’s top-most priority. You as the head of the [...]

Do Men And Women View Investments Differently?

Do Men And Women View Investments Differently?

As the gender plays quite an essential role in each and every aspect of the society, it invariably has its footprints on the investment sector too. The economy and the gender difference is going a long way in the history. When humans started to form as a family and as an extension as a society, the gender difference and the decision to who will handle the economy had taken its roots. Some societies allow women also in equal footing [...]

Retirement Checklist

Retirement Checklist: How to get ready for retirement

Let us agree; we all will retire one beautiful day from our work lives. It might be sooner for some but quite late for another group of the working population. But how well did we plan for our life after retirement? Everyone amongst us wants to spend a relaxed life post-retirement by doing things which we always wanted to do, such as working on our hobbies and having a peaceful life. But are we really in a position to [...]

Investment Expectations: What to expect and responsibilities - Wealth Prime

Investments: What to expect and responsibilities

We all hear about making wise investments quite often. But what exactly does it mean by wise investments and low risk or risk-free investments? As one of the famous investment bankers mentioned once that, “An Investment is just like learning to drive a car. One does not know what it is like until you step and do it”. However, this does not mean that one should not prepare or get into it right away; it is rather not like [...]