Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Buying life insurance is one of the most important financial decisions, more important than any other forms of investments. Well, regardless of how much you earn, and how much we plan, no one knows about the uncertainties the future holds. So it’s important to secure your family’s financial future by buying a life insurance policy. Besides, they come with a lot of benefits.

Term Life Insurance: A life insurance product offered by an insurance company which offers financial coverage to the policy holder for a specific time period.

Whole Life Policy: Plan where the policyholder pays regular premiums until his death, upon which the corpus is paid out to the family.

Endowment Plans: A beneficial option that pays out the sum assured under both scenarios – death and survival

Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIP): A life insurance product, which provides risk cover for the policy holder along with investment options to invest in any number of qualified investments.

Money Back Policy: It’s comes with dual plan benefit. A life insurance product as well as an investment plan which provides life insurance cover against death of the policy holder along with periodic returns as a percentage of sum assured.

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