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NRI Investments

India, the fastest growing economies with its investment opportunities ranging from equity, fixed income, real estate and more has continued standing as an attractive investment destination. And this variety of options opens doors of opportunities for NRI investors. NRIs having existing wealth in India or those aspiring to create wealth in their land of origin can explore investment opportunities in Indian capital markets choosing from various investment avenues such as India dedicated Mutual Funds Schemes, Portfolio Investment Schemes and other eligible securities. Having said that each individual’s objective towards investment is different and the risk profile varies from person to person. So this goes without a say that investment offerings should be customized. The offering must be backed by a strong research team and a dedicated service delivery team. In this case availing services form wealth management firms comes handy to meet your needs.

Benefits of services

  • The geographical barriers of Wealth Management that may stand as a roadblock is removed from the way
  • The research, complete access of information and offerings that are customized open opportunities for growth of wealth
  • Offers single window for the entire range of NRI services
  • The services not only help in faster decision making but let you focus solely on earning and not wealth management

We provide the NRIs the highest standards of services with a vision – building lasting and trusting relationships. Our dedicated team specialized in Wealth Management Services and experienced professionals with credible background modelled around the concept of ‘family office’ makes sure they offer nothing but convenience while offering their assistance. Our team comprising of financial analysis, investment advisors, lawyers, accountants, and attorneys caters to two categories of Non Resident Indians – those who have existing wealth back home in India by way of moveable and immovable assets; and those who aim to create wealth in India in movable and immovable assets.

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